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Jane America One-Shot Charity Edition

Jane America One-Shot Charity Edition

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Jane American Charity Edition will have a print run of 100 standard cover. We expect to received the comic mid to late March and will be able to fulfill orders then. Any delayed will be communicated to everyone. 

Jane's life was filled with more than enough responsibility for a young girl coming of age in wartime small-town America. But family tragedy has changed her in unbelievable ways that are better left hidden, and the economic hardships presented by the end of the war have left her with a choice... stay safe, stay hidden, or embrace who she really is for the sake of everyone she loves!

Jane American is 32 pg. one-shot full-color comic book introducing us to Jane's world and exploring the themes of identity, gender, self-worth, and small-town societal norms in post-WWII America.  With hints of beloved stories like Superman For All Seasons and Archie: 1941, Jane American will break your heart, make you cheer, and shock you with a cliffhanger ending that will have you begging for more!

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