Nightfall Part I: Dark Horizons Personal Spoiler Free Review

Nightfall Part I: Dark Horizons Personal Spoiler Free Review

Oh! Hello! I did not see you there. You just caught me after doing some light reading of Nightfall Part I. Who am I you ask? My name is Jon, the owner of Encased Comics and like many others I am an avid comic book reader and collector. What’s Nightfall? That is a great question and one I am happy to answer. Nightfall is a 5-part comic book crossover series between Constant Hustle Comics, Concept Moon Studios, and Wingless Comics. These three indie comic creators came up with an idea to bring their characters together to create one epic storyline to create what I am calling the Indieverse. Honestly not sure if that is a thing or being used but let’s roll with it.

Before reading Nightfall, I have only heard of the three creators and have not read any of their content. I loved what they were doing from their social media presence and decided to back their Kickstarter for this storyline after hearing about it from the Indiecomixdispatch. Last night, I had the chance to read the digital download of the first issue and let me say I was not disappointed. The Dramatis Personne page provided me the context I needed to figure out who the characters were since I have not read any of the creators’ work. The opening of the story beautifully set up the plot early on, which as the reader I can appreciate so I am not left with that “what is happening?” feeling.

The story’s flow was well done from the soft begin to the more dramatic conflicts that took place within before the amazing final page of the issue. One of the best parts of the story was the establishing of the “crossover” as it was just so seamless. It helped bridge the connection of the characters from the different creator groups and the issue ended a such a high point. I was left with wanting more, but I must be patience since issue 2 is not coming until 2021. If you have the chance to read this series, I highly recommend it. As for me, I guess I need to pick up a few issues from these creators both personally and for the shop.

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