The SAV # 4 signed by Javan Jordan AKA Illest Uminati

The SAV # 4 signed by Javan Jordan AKA Illest Uminati

Uranium Age Comics

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(W) Javan Jordan AKA Illest Uminati (A) Rafael Flores (CA) Carlos Villas

In This Epic Full Color 40 Page Finale To The 4-Part Origin Story Arc "The Save" And His Newfound Tribe Find Themselves Lost In The Unforgiving "Forest Of Sorrow" Right In The Heart Of "The Cult Of Coyotes" Ancient Burial Grounds. While The Group Of Warriors Wonders Aimlessly They Stumble Upon The Wreckage And Mutilated Remains Of A Traveling Group Of Mormon Settlers...But Little Do The Warriors Know They Are Walking Right Into A Trap That Has Been Set For Millennia. Provoked By "The General" To Be Hunted By The Cult Of Coyotes And Their Secret Weapon "The Dreamcatcher"...This Issue Is Filled With Surprise After Surprise And Plenty Of Twists And Turns With A Showdown Of Monstrous Proportions. 

This Issue We Will Also Travel 8000 Years Back In Time To Learn Why “The Cult Of Coyotes” Was Banished Into Exile By The First Tribe Of Men And How The Cult Gained Their Dark Supernatural Power!

Available In-Store: November 2020

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