One Last Job # 1

Catalyst Comic Studios

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Thomas Clayborne is fast-tracking his own retirement. As one of the most gifted secret agents in the field, he has seen enough bloodshed to haunt him for the rest of his life. To make matters worse, he is starting to have heart issues, which keeps a strain on his work and marriage.

Taking it as a sign to move on, he decides to wisp his wife away to begin their new life in the middle of nowhere. The problem is, when you are as talented at your job as Thomas is, there always seems to be One Last Job.

Welcome to a story of espionage and deception; where sometimes the easiest way out ends up pulling you deeper in. Nothing is as it seems in this explosive thriller that promises to keep you tied deep into its own twisted web of mystery.

Cover B and Virgin Variant have a limited print run of 50 each!!

Illustrated by the epic Daniel Jimeno and written by Aaron Dowen

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