Menthu #3

Menthu #3

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In this chapter, Rashan N'Shanga is steadily learning more about his new, immortal existence—including the assumption that he’ll take on the mantle of Menthu, ancient Egypt's warrior sungod. Initially, he has learned that his dad— who Rashan thought died when he was 7—is alive.

Rashan has reached Egyptian "nirvana" & is reunited with his father. Though more painful questions may require answers, it may seem as if this chronicle is destined to happily conclude. But—as Set, the god of chaos & evil has determined—this chapter will be FAR from the story's "happy ending."

Cover by: Tony Stewart
Written by: Robert Roach
Line Art by: Robert Roach
Color Art: Robert Roach & Bryan Taylor
Letter Art: Robert Roach & Bryan Taylor

32pgs. Full color 8+

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