Advanced Genetics # 1 Variant

Advanced Genetics # 1 Variant


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Advanced Genetics Issue #1, "With Great Power Comes Irresponsibility"  is about Jane Doe, a young would-be hero who is very powerful -  so powerful that she would rather not deal with her powers and run from them instead.  We also meet Earth's greatest heroes, THE HARBINGERS, as well the evil Monarch!  If you are a fan of ruthless villains, Monarch is for you.  We also get a glimpse at the legendary hero, The Almighty, and the sadistic Genocide!  Not to mention Randall Irving Pierce and his robotic creations, The Automans.  Issue #1 introduces us to this amazing world of characters and is a precursor of what's to come!  This part 1 of an 8 part story arc.

Creative Team

Darnell Lewis writer

Sanny "Zap" Argullozos penciler/inker

Ken Wayne colorist

Robin Jones letterer

Jeremey Colwell guest colorist

Variant Colored By Alex Guimarese

Autographed and come with a Monarch Sticker & Angel Oscuro Bookmark


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