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Batman #428 Robin Lives (One Shot) Cover A Mike Mignola

Batman #428 Robin Lives (One Shot) Cover A Mike Mignola

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FINALLY REVEALED! FROM THE DC VAULT: THE UNPUBLISHED ALTERNATE ENDING TO A DEATH IN THE FAMILY IN WHICH JASON TODD SURVIVES HIS ENCOUNTER WITH THE JOKER! What if one of the darkest hours in Batman's crime-fighting career never happened? Thirty-five years ago, fans voted on Jason Todd's fate after his brutal encounter with The Joker, which set Jason on the path to becoming the gun-toting vigilante Red Hood. But suppose fans had voted differently... DC Comics transports you back in time with this special faux-simile edition of Batman #428 in which Robin lives! Featuring pages reconstructed from artist Jim Aparo's alternate art boards--which have been plucked from the DC vault and fully restored and remastered--this reedited version of A Death in the Family, Book Three turns the Dark Knight's greatest tragedy into a moment of triumph. Adding to the immersive authenticity of this alternate-history comic book, this version includes all the ads from the original 1988 edition plus a rewritten letters column.

These books will be 9.4 or greater, but I make sure to pick the very best one for you. 
I use Silver- Age Bags and Board and use Brand New  Gemini mailers with filler pads for more protection. I will place the books in poly  I will place Gemini's in a larger box for larger orders. I do wrap the comics in a polybag to help keep them from getting wet if its raining while in transit. 


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