About Encased Comics


Thank you for visiting my online comicbook shop!

Here we are at the start of 2020 and looking back at the past few months, I realize this is a long-overdue origin story. My name is Jon and I am the founder/owner of Encased Comics.   

As a kid, I grew up reading my grandfather’s comic collection from the Golden and Silver age of comics that he had packed away nicely. These were the stories that transported me from the real world to the fantasy world within the comic. I developed a love for the characters, the images, and overall family time that they brought to our home.  As a military child who moved around a lot, comics were a constant in my life and help me to connect with people. With all the moving, however, many of my comics went missing. I had said to myself that one day I will recreate my collection so that one day my kids will have something to enjoy. Sadly, life happens, and some dreams must be put on hold.


In 2016, my fiancé soon to be wife, suggested that it is time to focus on me and rebuild my collection as she knew my love of comics. In that year, DC launched their Rebirth line and I waited for the midnight release for my chance to get back into comics. From the moment I picked up that first issue, the feeling I felt that day was the same as I felt as a kid.  I started to subscribe to comics and making connections with the people at my Local Comic Book Store.  Then in 2018, I obtained my first slabbed comic, Dark Knights: Metal # 1 9.6 Legends Comics & Games Edition. It was a beautiful cover and from that moment I began to strive to bring that feeling to others.


In 2019, I decided to take the leap and do some searching on how to start my own online comic shop. I had limited funds so it was something I would need to build up. I wanted to focus on graded comics, because of how beautifully they display.  From my search, I stumbled upon the Certified Comics Shop website by Jason Stum and his transparent blogs. From his blogs, I learned the basics of how he got started, some of his opportunities to do better, and his financial updates. He is where I picked up the term “comic-preneur” as that is what I would like to be. I learned an array of tips that helped give my shop shape. Instead of keeping everything to himself, he strives to help over make a break as he did. In 2020, officially filed the paperwork for an LLC and started our OFFICIAL Comic Book Journey! 


My long-term goal would be to open a small comic shop, primarily dedicated to graded comics and characters of diverse backgrounds. We would also like to be a place where we can carry an array of Indie Artist comics and offer our own exclusive with not only established artist, but up and coming that want to get their chance.  Till that time comes, I will do my part to connect collectors with graded comic keys from my collection to become a part of theirs.